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The Official Site Of Country Legend Jim Owen
Writer of one of the GREATEST hits ever "Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man"
  Hall Of Fame Songwriter

Emmy Award Winning Star
"Best Traditional Country Music Show in America"
American News Journal
Dottie West called him a "legend", and Charlie Daniels simply called him a "superstar.
Hall of Fame Songwriter and SECA Award Winning Star
Jim Owen Starred as Hank William in 2 movies winning Emmy Award
Jim Owen portrayed
Hank Williams, Sr
In the SECA Award Winning PBS Special " An Evening With Hank Williams."
By Everett Corbin

Last year I visited Branson, Mo., and would have liked to have taken in some of the country music shows. There were lots of names up there in lights, many having migrated from Nashville to a new mecca in the world of country music. But time was of the essence, and I had to move on. 
But one show I  WOULD have surely enjoyed was that by Jim Owen, the singer I had become acquainted with in fashion way back in 1980 when he appeared on a tribute show to Hank Williams.
In a news feature I had written about the taping, I  initially  inquired:
"What is  country music all about?"
At that point in time, we knew pretty well  knew what to expect when a guest appeared, introduced by no less than Hank Williams Jr., who would himself sing a song or introduce a guest who had been affiliated with Hank Williams Sr. Then a flashback would revert to a former time (the location scenes) in the life of Hank Sr., played by Jim Owen.
And Hank was pictured as a child at the feet of the old black street singer, Tee-Tot, down  in Georgiana, Ala.
 A quote from that article reads:
"It was from Tee-Tot that the young Hank Williams obtained his 'only' musical lessons..." 

So, what is country music all about? It is then summed up in the brilliant songs of Hank Williams, living on until this very day, many years down the road, as singers like Jim Owen recreate the Hank Williams magic with a song.
In still another article elsewhere, I shall try to explain this "simplicity" in country music which is fast being eroded by the Nashville establishment. Continuing, the article stated:
"Deferring all, country music deals principally with 'music,' played by a guitarist.
 And therein lies the beauty of a song:  a singer singing and simply playing  his guitar.
There is no orchestration! Thus, the simplicity of the moment holds you spellbound, as you listen, and you listen well to a presentation where you can understand  the words the singer is presenting for your musical enjoyment. 
Jim Owen has "played his part" well over these many years, never deviating from the Hank Williams formula for success....and that means  ALWAYS  giving the public something they truly want to hear: 
...good music, and good Hank Williams songs which live on and on and on...like those truly great Stephen Foster songs of long ago. 
We are told that Stephen Foster's songs are now:  "folk music." And that is because, after so many years out there before the public, the song becomes "public" property, as will the music of Hank Williams not many years down the road. 
Nevertheless, in the meantime, as long as the public relishes hearing a song or two (and many more than that) written by the legendary, all-time  GREAT, Hank Williams, then Jim Owen will be out there on that stage performing Hank's songs with great distinction...whether it be at Branson, Mo,, Nashville, Tenn., or out on the road.

Hank: Your songs  live on in our heart.
 And Jim:

 for Hank's many fans unto this very day:
By Everett Corbin

Everett Corbin USA

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