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The Official Site Of Country Legend Jim Owen
Writer of one of the GREATEST hits ever "Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man"
  Hall Of Fame Songwriter

Emmy Award Winning Star
"Best Traditional Country Music Show in America"
American News Journal
Dottie West called him a "legend", and Charlie Daniels simply called him a "superstar.
Hall of Fame Songwriter and SECA Award Winning Star
"They've Killed Hank Williams".
Six Guns and Trail Songs - Jim Owen
From the composer of "Mississippi Woman Louisiana Man", Jim Owen With a new Song, written and Sung by Jim Owen called, "They've Killed Hank Williams". This is one fantastic song about how Nashville, Tennessee appears to have spurned the country music legends. This song has a great beat, easy to feel lyrics and of course the voice of the great Jim Owen, a legend of the country music scene. It is all the Country Music singers and song writers that keep Country Music alive. For country music lovers worldwide this song is a must to add to their collection of the greats of country music.
"I saw Jesus Waving The Stars And Stripes"
A patriotic song indeed of true deliverance
Video editing/special effects/model/animation by Joyce Ramgatie

Everett Corbin USA
by  --Everett Corbin--
..is a new, patriotic song by the gifted songwriter/singer, Jim Owen, who continues to bring forth his brilliance in country music to a fever pitch in every bit of new material (and the old classics, too) which he tackles. What better way to be patriotic than to write and sing a song about the current war so many are talking about...
..than by focusing on the battlefied in Iraq where so many are dying. Yet, in this instance, Jesus Christ comes forth in blazing Glory, "..waving the Stars & Stripes," ...and saving a group of soldiers, as they pray to God on the battlefield for divine deliverance.
The story goes: These soldiers are pinned down on a mountain in that far-a-way land of Iraq (which the Bible speaks about more than any area other than Israel), and one soldier beside his leader cries out that death is nigh, with ammunition depleted, and no hope for tomorrow. But when they acknowledge that: "The only prayer we have is to pray," the tide changes in their behalf as a fog covers their escape route to safety.
Picture it: "Jesus Christ waving the Stars and Stripes!"
A patriotic song indeed of true deliverance by the only One who can save us, here delivered in musical fashion recalling that other GREAT song: GHOST RIDERS IN THE SKY, done in a most compelling arrangement.(
(c) 2011 Joyce Ramgatie/Jim Owen    
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